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"Seio" is one of the Portuguese words for women's breasts. There are other synonyms, although I refer to this word only to prove my point. Most "coriscos", particularly those of my generation, or older, don't know it.
Mention "seio" to them, and they'll think you're saying "seu" - a personal pronoun. Instead they just refer to the breasts as "maminhas", or, if they want to appear "sophisticasted" as "peito", which is actually the equivalent of the English "chest". To say, therefore, that they confuse "peito" with "seio" would be no exaggeration.

All of which leads me to an incident in which I was an involuntary part a few years ago.

A rather well-educated friend from São Miguel visited this country, spending most of his time along the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Coasts (Fall River, New Bedford, Cape Cod, Cape Ann, Newport, etc.). By coincidence, I was on vacation on Cape Cod at the time, staying at my sister-in-law's house. Frankly, at moments like that I'd rather take a beating than accompany my wife and my sister-in-law as they visit every specialty shop on the Cape, or every tea room in between. The result was that I called my friend and offered to take him sightseeing, which he heartily accepted.

While we were out my friend told me that if we stopped anywhere he'd like to display his English, not only to prove that he could communicate, but also to practice. I agreed and, no matter where we stopped, I let my friend take over. A bit after 1 p.m. I suggested that we have a quick meal, something to which my friend agreed. He even suggested American-style fried chicken, which he felt was superior to any he'd ever eaten in the Azores.

We found a Kentucky Fried Chicken place and drove in. I don't recall exactly what I ordered for myself.
My friend did his own ordering.
Obviously he wanted chicken breasts. At least that's what I assumed when I heard him order "a pair of chicken tits".

Manuel L. Ponte
St. Louis, Missouri


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