Blinded by the Light

Take a pencil with which you write on a blank sheet of paper
Take a human being born sometime and somewhere
Living is leaving behind a string of memories-- is to dare
To become text with meaning, turn our being into letter

Each one of us was born, to write, to scribble, to draw
To be held by the hand of time and leave behind
Squiggles which will be read by time and time alone
Which meanings will have us shavings before we understand
Take this worn out stub of a pencil with lead for soul
Made many mistakes and erased them till it became dull
Was sharpened so many times, till a new was bought
Replaced, it was left at the bottom of an old drawer

With the new one, new thoughts came forward, they were formed
A poem rose, a sonnet surged, a sea of words gushed forth
Some poet became wrecked in waves of pure thought
Before you know it, he took the page, and tore it.
He took the pencil, broke it, threw it on the floor
There was a long silence and after the long silence, his sobbing
The sun outside shone as it always shone
He looked at it intently a long, long time till all around everything
turned dark

Silvério Gabriel de Melo
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