I Found Him

I found him at a party,
Among an ordinary crowd.
He was different from them.
So unique,
Like no one I’d ever seen.
I was fascinated
And intrigued,
With his beauty.

But I was only three,
And nearly invisible.
So I just stared with awe,
At his wonderful blackness.
Until he noticed me.

And I was thrilled,
When he scooped me up,
Held me in his arms,
And allowed me
To touch his face,
And ask my question.

"How did you get so black?"

He opened his mouth,
Revealing brightness,
Opaque white teeth and
A florescent pink tongue.
He was laughing.

Finally he answered.
"I sat in the sun,
For a long, long time!"

So when he put me down,
I disappeared.
Until hours later
When Mom found me
Sitting outside
Among the shadows
And a sinking sun,
So disappointed
At my unchanged paleness.

Nicole Austin
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