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With a single district, Faro the capital, Algarve is blessed by some godness having a special love for gardens. The white almond blossom, makes the Algarve as a dream, when spring comes.
For Arabs it was Al Garb " the land where the sun sets".
Through the shapes of the houses the chimneys, the streets, the way people talk, we go back to the past and meet with the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians. The silent of the mountains tell us about the artisans weaving osier, or a legend from a morish princess... The murmur of the waves tell us the seaman tales, from other distant waters.

Dry, sunny, and hot, with cool ocean winds in the morning and clear, quiet evening skies that are perfect for a stroll after a day in the sun. The weather blows in from Paradise...

Because the tourist traffic, English has practically became a second language.
Local delicacies include sardinhas assadas (grilled sardines), caldeirada (a showder of fish and shelfish), cataplana (ham, clams, and sausage), and lulas grelhadas.

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